BHBA Audio-Visual Release Agreement

The Beverly Hills Bar Association (“BHBA”) appreciates you and is pleased that you have decided to partner with us. BHBA produces events before live audiences, online through the latest video conferencing technologies, and in studio settings that may be recorded and distributed alongside course materials, where applicable, on the Internet through means of either live webcast or on demand delivery to its members and other professionals interested in the topics being covered.

By participating in the program and/or submitting the written materials, you grant to BHBA an non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to use, copy, modify, publicly display, publicly perform, broadcast, and distribute the Content of your presentation in any form or format, including without limitation, through the Internet, intranets, CD-ROM, DVD, and any other technologies, whether now known or developed in the future, for delivery of similar content.

You represent that you have developed and own, or have legally acquired the rights to, the Content and written materials that you submit to BHBA and have authority to grant BHBA a license in the Content or written materials. You represent that the Content or written materials that you submit will not infringe on anyone else’s intellectual property rights, rights of publicity, or common law rights.

By signing this Agreement, you grant BHBA, its staff and agents, permission to take, use, and capture your person or essence in any form, including but not limited to use in podcasts, photographs, digital images, drawings, renderings, voices, sounds, webcasts, or accompanying written descriptions. You agree that BHBA owns the recordings, images, and all rights related to them. The recordings and images may be sold or used in any manner or media (now known or to be developed in the future) without prior notification, such as in BHBA sponsored web sites, publications, promotions, broadcasts, advertisements, posters, reuse for MCLE or CLE credit, and similar materials.

You understand that you waive any right to inspect or approve the finished recordings, images, or any printed or electronic matter that may be used with them. You understand that you will not be compensated for your participation or any Content or written materials that you provide to BHBA.

You agree to release the Beverly Hills Bar Association and its staff and agents, including any firm authorized to publish and/or distribute a finished product containing the recordings or images, from any claims, damages, or liability which you may ever have in connection with the taking or use of the recordings, images, or printed material used with the images.

You reserve all rights not specifically granted above. This document will benefit the BHBA, its successors, assigns, licensees, and contractors.

BHBA respects your rights and will not disparage your image in any manner or form. Neither BHBA, nor its staff or agents will materially modify, alter, or edit the original recording or image captured. BHBA respects your time and presentation and will not cast you, your office, or your firm in any negative light.

By signing below, you acknowledge that you have read this agreement and agree that the terms set forth above will govern your participation in the BHBA event listed below.
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