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California State Bar Provisional Licensure Program

In the wake of COVID-19 as well as long-term studies of the California bar exam’s “cut score,” including analyses of disparate impact and public protection, the California Supreme Court recently slightly lowered the passing score for the exam. The Court also authorized a program to let people who took the exam in the last five years and would have passed under the new score earn bar admission through a 300-hour provisional licensing program.

A provisionally licensed attorney must be supervised by a California attorney with at least four years in practice, two of those on active status in California. That’s where BHBA members come in: We need supervising attorney and judge volunteers. You’ll get help with your workload while you help a recent law school graduate get licensed.

Provisionally licensed lawyers are allowed to engage in all of the same activities that a fully licensed lawyer is permitted to engage in—including filings and appearances—under their supervising lawyer’s supervision and subject to certain restrictions. These may be paid or unpaid positions.

Here are FAQs from the State Bar about this program.

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