Statement Regarding The Government of Brunei

The Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA) announced on May 6, 2014 that it has cancelled all upcoming programs and events at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The BHBA is taking this action in condemnation of the hotel'92s owner, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah, for his introduction and implementation of harsh criminal laws, including the death penalty and stoning, against homosexuals, adulterers and others in the country of Brunei.
Such violations of human rights are in direct contravention of the long held and strongly advocated principles of the Bar Association. For over 82 years, the BHBA has fought for justice both here and beyond the borders of Beverly Hills.   
The Beverly Hills Bar Association joins in calling on the Government of Brunei to reverse such barbaric laws and actions.
The BHBA regrets any adverse impact this decision may have on the management and staff of the Hotel, with whom the BHBA  has enjoyed a good and positive professional relationship for many years.

Source: CNN International
Date aired: 05/08/2014