Section On Conflict Resolution

Embraces all forms of dispute resolution, including arbitration, mediation, and private judging, and transcends all substantive practice boundaries.

News & Information

It’s here!  Announcing the launch of the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Mediator Referral Service!  The Section on Conflict Resolution is thrilled to be able to bring this important service to our member colleagues and our community neighbors. Click here to learn more about this exciting program!  

On April 21, 2016, SCR Executive Committee Member and Mediator John Schulman - former Executive VP and GC for Warner Bros. Entertainment -  presented “Mediation in the Entertainment Industry: Preserving Relationships and Dealing with Conflict”.  John led a candid discussion about why mediation is the most important dispute resolution process in the entertainment industry, where preservation of relationships for future projects is key.   John taught us how to de-escalate conflict in a creative world and why doing so is ‘good business’.  

SCR is proud to join with the Elder Law Committee of the Trusts and Estates Section to present: "Identifying and Managing the Most Difficult and Challenging Players in Contested Conservatorships and Elder Law Disputes - Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disordered Parties and Occasionally their Attorneys".  Join us on May 3, 2016 as Paul Fisher presents on how these complex psychologies can affect conservatorship and elder law disputes.