Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program


The Beverly Hills Bar Association provides Mandatory Fee Arbitration (MFA) services to resolve fee disputes between lawyers and their clients. This confidential forum is approved by the State Bar of California and is an informal, low-cost option to resolving fee disputes without using the court system.

Unlike other programs, our fee arbitration program is service-oriented, efficient, and fast. With a dedicated administrative staff and decades of arbitration management experience, we are able to expedite this complex process without compromising neutrality or quality.

In order to initiate and undergo Mandatory Fee Arbitration, all parties must carefully follow established procedures and timelines. Specific notices, forms, and responses must be filed and/or sent to the opposing party. See “Rules for Clients ”, “Rules for Attorneys" , and "Fee Arbitration Rules of Procedure ". 

For More Information 
Contact: Elaine S. Glass, Mandatory Fee Arbitration Administrator
Phone: (310) 601-2442
Fax: (310) 601-2431