By Jack McMorrow, President, Beverly Hills Bar Association Barristers

Earlier this week, when discussing how much was going on in our work and personal lives, I jokingly asked a fellow Barristers Member if she knew any young attorney that was not exhausted and did not have too much on his/her plate. While not necessarily 100% true, the answer was, of course, no.

We young attorneys are faced with unique challenges. We are developing as professionals and learning the law and our trade. In addition to learning the law, we are developing our lawyering skills and passing milestones regularly – from our first client meeting to our first trial. In addition, we are negotiating our salary, starting a business, hiring our first employee, or planning a lateral move.

If that were not enough to occupy our time, we are navigating our personal life to achieve a reasonable work-life balance. Young attorneys are getting married, buying a house, having a child, and having a second child, just to name a few big life events.

We all know that. At times we think deeply about it and ask big life questions. At others, we bury our head and churn, churn, churn.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in a grounding experience — something I used to make more time for — preparing a meal for the homeless at SAMOSHEL (the Santa Monica Homeless Shelter), an event that the Barristers staff the second Saturday of each month. I also went to the park with my dog and played a round of golf. Sacred time well spent.

After a long day Wednesday, I did what the BHBA Barristers do so well, I networked with other attorneys. We discussed the hectic nature of the business and how we so cherish our limited time to rejuvenate ourselves and the things we do to build ourselves back up. 

Connecting and sharing the experience relieves the isolating feeling that one experiences during the “heavy” periods. As a collective, us young attorneys need to stick together and support each other as we chase our goals. Connecting with others will not just increase business opportunities, but it will allow us to be part of a community. Together, we can face obstacles, celebrate our successes, and enjoy the spoils. For this, and many other reasons, I again invite you to attend any and all of our events.

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