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Following the mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, two newer technologies have been quickly moving in the same direction: non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) and the Metaverse. Along with their widespread adoption, the regulatory environment for blockchain and cryptocurrencies has evolved, but remains unsettled in many areas. Because of their relative newness, the regulatory environment for NFTs and the Metaverse is almost completely undeveloped. But that does not mean that companies and individuals operating in the space should not try to anticipate what types of regulations they are likely to face. Building on their deep experience with blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and traditional financial and technological products, this panel will: (1) provide background on NFTs and Metaverse; (2) provide their perspectives on the likely regulatory regimes for each; and (3) discuss how to mitigating risk in this uncertain environment.


Byron J. McLain, Partner at Foley & Lardner 

Michael Fluhr, Counsel at DLA Piper 

Doug Miller, Senior Trial Attorney of SEC 

Shayne O’Reilly, Head of Licensing and Open Source of Meta 

Category: Criminal