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Shula Roth-Barash

Attorney Shula Roth-Barash has 30+ years of experience handling all aspects of complex civil and business litigation, including trial, in state and federal courts throughout California. For over 25 years Ms. Barash has maintained an active practice in Beverly Hills, prosecuting and defending cases focused on unfair business practices, contractual, commercial, partnership, and intellectual property disputes. Over the past 20 years Ms. Barash’s litigation practice has expended to the prosecution and defense of intellectual property claims involving copyright and trademark infringement being asserted by or against a variety of businesses and individuals, including their insurers such as CNA.

Since 2008 Ms. Barash, a graduate of Pepperdine Law School’s renowned Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution’s “Mediating the Litigated Case Program”, has also been successfully mediating predominantly copyright and trademark disputes, including on behalf of the United States District Court’s ADR program in Southern California. Ms. Barash is fluent in Hebrew and Spanish and speaks several other languages.

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