Writing and Speaking Opportunity in Phuket Thailand

Dear Members and Colleagues with the Beverly Hills Bar Association:

I want to extend a personal invitation to you and your colleagues submit an abstract and hopefully  attend/present, at  the “Nolan International Symposium on Laws and their Applications for Sustainable Development.”  Matt Nolan is my partner in our Washington DC office and his practice focuses on International Trade. The Symposium is named after him. I received the award in 2019.

Consequently, I was invited to cochair the Nolan Symposium with Dr. Florian Kongoli (USA/Canada),  Dr. Yoshihisa Hayakawa (Japan) and Dr. Migen Dibra (Canada).  This is an international event and provides significant networking opportunities.  The program is from November 27 thru  December 1,  2022 in Phuket, Thailand!   It’s organizers are Dr. Florian Kongoli and the non-profit Flogen Stars Outreach program. It will be the 12th annual SIPS symposium on sustainable development held in cities around the globe.

In 2019, I was honored to have the symposium in my name alongside several past Nobel Laureates and experts in various fields. Here is the link to that event:


The Nolan symposium focuses on the importance of the rule of law to promote, or hinder sustainable development.   

You are invited to join the Symposium this November. Or, you can join the discussion by preparing a short abstract of the topic you would like to discuss and present it at the symposium. Some of  the topics to cover include:

  1. Free Trade Agreement negotiations
  2. Investment disputes, anticorruption investigations and trade disputes World Trade Organization, US trade policy, and customs, economic sanctions, and export controls topics
  3. Labor Law (National and International)
  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI), legal and mora implications Cryptocurrency: Economic Tonic or Rat Poison Squared 
  5. Reputational management Marvels in Science: Limitations in reality?
  6.  Monetizing and protecting technologies (Intellectual Properties, contracts, confidentiality, Patents, Copyrights and litigation)
  7. White collar crime / Business Risk and Corruption
  8. Dispute resolution from an international perspective
  9. Cyber security
  10. Taxation
  11. The international possibilities of cannabis science
  12. Privacy in a GDPR age
  13. Sustainability
  14. Medical devices & Bio-Science Developments
  15. International bribery and corruption impacting cross-border flow
  16. International legal considerations affecting cross-border transactions
  17. Technology transfer / IP/ legal and management issues

While your attendance is encouraged and welcomed, you are also invited to submit an abstract and article on a topic of your choice and have it presented in the ultimate monograph.  

Here are some additional SIPS websites for information and background. Thanks for giving this your attention!

The web site for the Nolan  symposium is here: https://www.flogen.org/sips2022/Matthew_Nolan.php 
Short intro video: https://youtu.be/jubSl_4EQMk
Formal invitation:  https://www.flogen.org/sips2022/pdf/Laws_General_Author_Invitation.pdf
Please note that the symposium is for all fields of law . definition of sustainability is described in details here : https://flogen.org/pdf/sips16_524FS.pdf
The topics covered  are described here: https://www.flogen.org/sips2022/summit.php?id=61
Sample submitted  abstracts:  https://www.flogen.org/sips2022//technical_program.php?a=7f39f8317fbdb1988ef4c628eba02591

Malcolm McNeil