Billing and Trust Accounting, But Make it Better



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December 12, 2023
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About the Program

Billing and collecting on unpaid invoices isn’t quite the glamorous life we had envisioned for ourselves during law school. But, as practicing attorneys, these administrative tasks now consume a significant portion of our days (and our mental space). Fortunately, technology exists to alleviate these burdens and make billing, and trust accounting, easier. While some things remain beyond our control, we can certainly reduce the risk of nonpayment and minimize administrative stress by automating billing and managing trust accounts effectively. Step into the future of billing with attorney Jordan Turk as she guides you through her top billing and collection strategies. She offers insights for those moments when your books are overwhelmed by overdue receivables and provides tips for proper trust account management.

In this CLE webinar, you’ll learn:

-How to automate your billing processes to make your billing run like clockwork
-The most common ethical issues with billing practices, and how to avoid them
-Proper trust account management and reporting, specifically addressing three-way trust account reconciliation
-Strategies for obtaining payment from nonpaying clients, including templates to help you along the way

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