Entering the legal profession during these times offers a unique opportunity for growth and learning, and having a supportive mentor can significantly enhance the transition from law school to practice, especially during the initial years.


Mentors are expected to provide their mentee with approximately one hour of support and interaction per month, either online or face-to-face.

Time Commitment

We ask our mentors to make commitments of at least six months in order to ensure that the mentee is able to fully benefit from the relationship.

A good mentor can help a young professional develop both personally and professionally. The transition from law school to law practice is challenging, and the presence of a mentor can meaningfully improve this experience.

Our philosophy is that mentorship is a cornerstone for success and as a bar association we want to be active in that space. To date, we have facilitated connections between almost 100 mentors and mentees, fostering relationships that benefit both parties.

The mentorship program is crafted to be both rewarding and adaptable. It operates without strict schedules or intensive demands, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the busy lives of legal professionals.

Helpful Resources

Here are some materials from the Federal Bar Association that we hope will set you up for success:

We are extremely grateful to Lawyers’ Mutual Insurance Company for supporting Law Students and New Attorneys by paying their membership fees while they are in law school and during their first 3 years of practice. This partnership has resulted in over 2,000 new members joining in the last year, and more are joining every week. Activate your complimentary membership at www.bhba.org/nextgen.

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