Implicit Bias in Jury Selection



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Implicit Bias
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January 29, 2024
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About the Program

In September 2023, the Judicial Council of California approved new jury instruction CALCRIM 209 to be used in criminal cases. The pre-trial instruction advises jurors on the role implicit bias can play in their decision making process. In this program, criminal defense attorney Allison Margolin, will explore the new jury instruction and it’s potential impact on jurors, attorneys, and outcomes, will discuss how implicit bias impacts jury selection, and will address implicit bias trends across the state.

Meet the Speakers
Allison B. Margolin


Allison B. Margolin PLC.

Allison is one of the leading attorneys in criminal defense, land use, civil litigation, medical cannabis law, and has been practicing for two decades this December. She now is working in water law and civil rights. She has represented clients in the medical marijuana business since 2016, and has been featured in numerous publications including The LA Times, LA Weekly, The New Yorker, and Hustler magazine as an expert in the field within her first 10 years of practice. 

An active member of NORML, Allison helps her business clients navigate state, local, and federal law in a dynamic legal landscape. In addition to her regulatory practice, she has also successfully defended some of the highest profile criminal cases in California, and maintains a broad and active practice in both State and Federal Courts. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Allison has been named a SuperLawyer 6 times including most recently for 2023. Allison is the author of Just Dope, a North Atlantic/PRH publication avail now on Amazon, and other retailers now and on shelves August 30.

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