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Michael Trope’s journey to California family law is a tapestry woven with professional prowess, personal challenges, and an unconventional twist. Over three decades in the heart of Los Angeles, he not only navigated but triumphed in intricate family law litigation, all without relying on the towering legacy of his esteemed father, Sorrell Trope.

At 21, Trope ventured into sports representation. Despite early success, he shifted gears, seamlessly blending family law litigation and related civil cases in his pursuit of a legal career. His notable victories include million-dollar jury verdicts, such as securing compensation for emotional distress in a child custody exchange and successfully defending against high-profile domestic abuse allegations.

One of his significant achievements includes the representation of Lisa Kerkorian in the case of Lisa Kerkorian v. Kirk Kerkorian. In this notable case, Lisa Kerkorian was awarded a remarkable $10.25 million as a retroactive child support payment and a monthly child support amount of $100,000 for one child. This accomplishment, dating back around 15 years ago, adds a distinct dimension to Trope’s successful career, showcasing his ability to secure substantial financial outcomes for his clients in family law matters.

Representing prominent figures like Dennis Quaid and Larry Birkhead, Trope has become a stalwart in the family law arena. With a career spanning over 30 years, his focus on intense preparation, intellectual rigor, and the unique challenges presented by family law underscore a commitment to excellence in this specialized field.

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