George Salmas

Salmas Law, The Food Lawyers
Services Provided

Our clients manufacture and import food, beverages and dietary supplements sold in supermarkets. We provide Prop 65 defense, class action defense, other litigation, contract preparation and regulatory advice (FDA, USDA, and state agencies).

Areas Served

Food industry manufacturers, importers and brand owners throughout the country.


For more than three decades, food industry clients have turned to George Salmas for guidance and counsel. With a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach in economics magna cum laude and graduating law school at UCLA, Mr. Salmas devoted four years to Navy service where, as a Lieutenant and JAG officer, he represented the United States in criminal trials in Greece, Spain, Morocco, and on ships at sea. Opening his own law firm, he focused on the food industry. Under Mr. Salmas’ direction, The Food Lawyers® provides food sector clients with full service representation in areas such as Prop 65 defense, FDA and USDA regulatory issues, class action defense, trademarks, contracts, litigation and all other matters that a food business needs to function. The firm has clients all over the United States totaling billions of dollars in sales.

Over the years, Mr. Salmas has successfully tried a number of litigation matters including a food trade secret case resulting in a $28 million award to the firm’s client. Mr. Salmas has also served as a judge pro tem of the Los Angeles County Municipal Courts.

Married for more than thirty-five years, Mr. and Mrs. Salmas have two sons -- -- one a computer software engineer and the other in college one studying forensic psychology. Mr. and Mrs. Salmas are both military veterans.

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