Alexandra Leichter 

Co-Founding Partner

Since 1972, co-founding partner Alexandra Leichter has developed a reputation for providing excellent representation to her clients, leaving no stone unturned, assessing each case thoroughly to assure that the client is provided with all possible information to make a reasoned and educated decision regarding his/her case.  While Alexandra has developed a reputation for being a fierce litigator, less than 10% of her cases ever see the inside of a courtroom—that is because she develops strategies, and assessments of her clients’ cases to assure that the case is ready to be tried but is best resolved through mediation/settlement.  Alexandra has a great reputation for knowledge of the law, astute assessment of practical solutions to complex family law problems, and an excellent ability to convey difficult issues in a simple manner to the clients and to the judicial officers handling the case.   Alexandra has been successful in handling thousands of family law cases, many involving sophisticated assets, large income, and highly contested custody/visitation cases.

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