Hon. Jacqueline Connor brings over 25 years of judicial experience in resolving complex legal and factual issues to her mediations.  Nationally recognized for her extensive study of juries, Judge Connor’s fluency in the art and business of jury perceptions offer parties an expert assessment of the risks and rewards that they face at the hands of a jury.

Judge Connor’s in-depth knowledge of settlements, judicial decisions, and jury verdicts is enhanced by her ability to connect with parties on a straightforward and honest level.  Attorneys have commented favorably on her superb settlement ability, such as “[Judge Connor] was able to work out a deal that was agreeable to everybody. It took a lot of guts for her to do what she did. But she figured out what the case was worth and she settled the case. There [are not] enough judges that do that sort of thing.”

Judge Connor has been honored as “Judge of the Year” by three different legal organizations as well as been recognized as amongst the top legal professionals in both California and the nation, speaks fluent Japanese, and is a proud alumnus of the University of Southern California.

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