Larry Verbit

Law Offices of Larry Verbit

Larry Verbit has over thirty years of combined management and legal experience in the entertainment and media business.

Prior to opening his own firm, Mr. Verbit was an attorney with the firm Heenan Blaikie and its successor firms, Berkowitz Black & Zolke and Berkowitz & Black. The firm was affiliated with Heenan Blaikie, Canada, which was one of Canada’s largest law firms. Mr. Verbit has worked on numerous movies and television series shot in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal and is familiar with and has relationships with many of the Guilds north of the border. He has expertise as production counsel on more than 80 television series, specials, presentations and films. He also worked on numerous transactions involving talent and acquisitions related to radio networks and content libraries for Premiere Radio Networks, Jacor Communications and their subsequent acquirer, Clear Channel Communications.

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