Mitch Tarighati

ADR Services, Inc.

Mitchell M. Tarighati, Esq. is a seasoned mediator with an exceptional track record of settled cases. Already an experienced civil litigator in private practice, Mr. Tarighati has been engaged in dispute resolution work since 2012, resolving cases with complex issues by diplomatically and patiently bridging the divide between the parties. His unwavering work ethic, personable demeanor, and passion for results have all contributed to his reputation among his peers, the plaintiff’s and defense bars, and insurance industry professionals as an extremely effective neutral.

Mr. Tarighati draws upon a lifetime of diverse experiences and a unique multicultural perspective to resolve the disputes he mediates. His interpersonal skills are well-known, with colleagues commending him on his respectful and patient approach, friendly disposition, and ability to connect with clients of different backgrounds.

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