Natalia Aranovich

Business, Immigration and IP Lawyer

Ms. Aranovich has more than 22 years of experience in litigation and contracts. She is licensed to practice law in Brazil and in the United States. Her ability as a lawyer was recognized in the United States when she received her extraordinary ability visa and green card for the work she did in Brazil by helping change the law in that country regarding intellectual property matters.

Ms. Aranovich is an immigrant and a creative herself and she knows how important it is to have legal knowledge of your rights especially in a foreign country where you lack the proper connections, do not know the culture and the legal system. Thus, after 15 years of legal practice in Brazil and becoming licensed to practice law in California Ms. Aranovich decided in 2016 to combine her legal, branding and business skills to found Aranovich Law Firm, PC in Los Angeles to help foreigners and immigrants succeed in the United States. Her practice is focused in business, intellectual property and entertainment transactions. 

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