Victor Song

COO Integritas³

Victor spent over 30 years in federal law enforcement with Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation. As the Chief, Criminal Investigation (CI) headquartered in Washington, D.C., among his duties, Victor oversaw a worldwide staff of 4,200 CI employees, whom investigate and assist in the prosecution of criminal tax, money laundering, and narcotics-related financial crimes. One of his responsibilities was to address offshore tax evasion. Some of his accomplishments included doubling the international cadre of special agents posted throughout the world. 

Victor worked extensively with international law enforcement throughout Europe and Asia and South America. Specifically, he was responsible for the Simultaneous Criminal Investigation Program (SCIP) Agreements with Korea, Japan, Spain, and other countries. He added agents to Europol as well as the OECD headquartered in Paris, France. He was responsible for the formation and intake of the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program to address the non disclosure of foreign financial accounts by U.S. citizens. 

Subsequently, Victor was the EVP Compliance and Consultant to the CEO for Samsung Electronics America. As the EVP Compliance for the North American Headquarters, his responsibilities included all areas of the Compliance Program for Canada, North America, and parts of Mexico.

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