Embracing Emotion in Mediation



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August 8, 2023
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About the Program

How do we address the mixed – and often intense – emotions that arise in the mediation context? How can we best embrace the parties’ emotions to positively affect the outcome for our clients? How can we best prepare our clients emotionally for the reckoning – or catharsis – that mediation may bring? How can we create a safe space for our clients to express themselves and not stifle pent-up feelings? In this presentation, our panelists will explore the theme of emotion in mediation, as it applies to setting client expectations, approaching the mediation experience with empathy, actively listening and engaging with the mediator, addressing the other sides’ emotions, and honoring our clients’ deep feelings – all with the intention of paving the path to healthy resolution.

Join us as we explore these seldom discussed but vital dilemmas with our panelists – a mediator with significant entertainment and insurance experience, a plaintiff’s employment and personal injury attorney, and a clinical psychologist and professor.

Meet the Speakers
Dr. Rebecca Branda, Psy.D.
Dr. Rebecca Branda, Psy.D.


Licensed Clinical Psychologist Summit Psychology

Rebecca Branda, PsyD (PSY31144), is a licensed clinical psychologist and the founder of Summit Psychology, a group practice located in Santa Monica, California, and works with clients throughout California via Telehealth. Her approach is rooted in the belief that every woman possesses the inner strength and capacity to create meaningful change in their lives. She helps women find their voice in spaces they often feel silenced. Dr. Branda empowers women using an integrative CBT and psychodynamic approach that emphasizes the development of a strong therapeutic relationship.

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Alexis R. Gamliel, Esq.
Alexis R. Gamliel, Esq.


Trial Attorney, Personal Injury & Employment Law | Founder, Gamliel Law

Alexis Gamliel is the Founder and Principal Trial Attorney of Gamliel Law, an elite litigation firm focusing on personal injury, wrongful death, and employment matters. Equipped with deep litigation experience, Alexis dedicates her craft to the fight for justice. She prides herself on litigating with sincerity and skill, giving her clients light and hope in some of their darkest days.

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Jeffrey S. Kravitz


Mediator/Arbitrator, Alternative Resolution Centers (ARC)

A successful entertainment litigator for more than 20 years, Jeff Kravitz brings extensive negotiation skills and experience to conflict management and resolution. With a focus on resolving entertainment, business and intellectual property matters, Jeff’s practical, approachable style combined with his “hard-nosed empathy and patience” make him the ideal neutral to help you get back to the business of business. Samuel Goldwyn said, “I’ll never talk with you again, unless I need something from you.” Jeff believes that yesterday’s foe can be tomorrow’s partner if conflicts are managed and resolved.

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