Microaggressions and Gaslighting in the Legal Profession



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Implicit Bias
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January 30, 2024
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About the Program

What is implicit bias and how can it manifest in almost undetectable ways in all aspects of the legal profession? Our distinguished panelists have been on every side of the legal profession: attorney, mediator, and judicial officer. They will discuss two prevalent, yet covert ways implicit bias affects every sphere of the legal profession: microaggressions and gaslighting. They will provide real life examples from the legal profession and what we as attorneys can do better to move the legal profession forward.

Meet the Speakers
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Hon. Halim Dhanidina (Ret.)


Mediator, Arbitrator, & Appellate Consultant Signature Resolution

The Honorable Halim Dhanidina (Ret.) brings more than 25 years of legal experience to Signature Resolution. With his background as a lawyer, Superior Court judge, and Court of Appeal justice, he offers impartiality and perceptiveness as a neutral party.  ​

Justice Dhanidina is no stranger to challenges and credits his success to his unique career overseeing different facets of the trial process. His experience as a lawyer, coupled with his nine years in the California Second District Court of Appeal and Los Angeles County Superior Court, has broadened his perspective of the legal system and deepened his understanding of each role’s distinct challenges.  

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Angela J. Reddock-Wright


Signature Resolution

Angela J. Reddock-Wright is highly regarded across the state of California as a leading neutral in all employment and labor-related matters and Title IX sexual assault, hazing, and bullying cases.

A licensed attorney for nearly 30 years, Reddock-Wright’s over-15-year tenure as an employment and labor law litigator and workplace and Title IX investigator set the stage for the opening of her own mediation and dispute-resolution practice, the Reddock Law Group, in 2011. Since then, she has mediated some of the most sensitive and high-profile cases involving private, public, and nonprofit sector employers and employees regarding issues of race, sex, gender, and disability, among others. Her empathetic demeanor and her drive to create healthier, thriving workplaces are apparent in every case she takes on.

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