Oops, I Thought the Mediation Privilege Applied to MSCs



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January 25, 2024
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Learn about the differences and similarities between a mediation and a mandatory settlement conference (MSC). Although the goal of a mediation and a MSC is the same-to settle a case- there are important differences. Understanding and appreciating each process’s rules, procedures, and nuances can further the likelihood of settlement in either forum. This program will discuss practical issues in mediations and MSCs.

Meet the Speakers
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Hon. Dalila C. Lyons (Ret.)


Signature Resolution

After serving 18 years on the bench in the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Hon. Dalila Corral Lyons (Ret.) is bringing her exceptional skillset to Signature Resolution. During her last three years on the bench, Judge Lyons was a highly regarded full-time settlement judge conducting mandatory settlement conferences, where she has proven success in resolving complex and challenging disputes. ​

Known for her persistence, innovative skills, empathy, and preparedness, Judge Lyons has a demonstrated ability to connect with litigants. She establishes trust by creating an environment that encourages open communication, enabling her to understand each party’s perspective and identify issues that impact settlement positions. Judge Lyons’ diverse experience as an attorney and as a judge gives her the unique ability to evaluate and flesh out the cases’ strengths and weaknesses in order to reach a resolution. Her aptitude in this space has inspired a true passion for mediation, leading her to continue her career in dispute resolution in the private sector. 

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Hon. Amy M. Pellman


LASC, Stanley Mosk Courthouse

Amy M. Pellman, is a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge for the family law division. She was elected Commissioner in 2005 and appointed Judge in 2008. 

Judge Pellman has dedicated both her legal career and judicial career to working with children and families. She has spent the last 16 years in the Family Law division with a five-year hiatus at the Edelman’s Children’s Court.

In 2019, Judge Pellman received a number of awards for her work on behalf of children and families including Judge of the Year from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Judge of the Year from Southwestern Law school, and the Outstanding Community Service Award from Levitt and Quinn Family Lawn Center. More recently in 2020, Judge Pellman received the, “Family Law Judge of the year” by the American Inns of Court, Southern California chapter.

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