Tame the Email Beast? ARTTfully



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December 15, 2022
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About the Program

Email is a convenient, and necessary, communication tool to send asynchronous messages to your clients, prospects, vendors, and your team. Often resulting in efficient and effective responses, which allow projects to move forward. However, as email has exploded, you have become overwhelmed by the volume of correspondence.

During this powerful and dynamic presentation, you will

  • Gain insight into a new framework to take control of your emails
  • Implement a new mindset to interact and use emails as a tool, not a to-do list
  • Never forget or lose important emails
  • Discover how to prioritize and organize emails to fit into your schedule
  • Ultimately, learn the tools to tame the email beast and effectively manage the ARTTÆ of email during this interactive program.
Meet the Speakers
Sarah Tetlow


CEO and founder of Firm Focus

Sarah Tetlow is the CEO and founder of Firm Focus where she focuses on productivity consulting for attorneys and busy professionals. She uses her past experiences, organizational and strategic thought process, education, training, and natural gift to help professionals, law firms, and businesses improve their bottom line and operate more efficiently. More importantly, Sarah’s clients see a reduction in stress and anxiety and an increase in focus and new business. 

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