What SCOTUS Decisions from 2023 Portend for the Coming Term



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September 14, 2023
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California, Connecticut, Illinois, Vermont

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About the Program

Join an interactive conversation as plaintiff and defense copyright and trademark litigators and two experienced IP mediators consider what last term’s significant Supreme Court decisions signal about the Court’s approach to IP cases in the coming term and beyond.

Meet the Speakers
Steven Lowe, Esq.
Steven Lowe, Esq.


Managing Partner Lowe & Associates

With more than 30 years of experience in business and entertainment litigation, Steven T. Lowe has distinguished himself as a preeminent attorney in his chosen field. Known for, among other things, his groundbreaking work in the field of copyright law and championing the rights of professionals in the entertainment industry, Mr. Lowe and the firm, Lowe & Associates (the “Firm”), continue to successfully resolve many high (and low) profile cases. The Firm has racked up rave testimonials/Google reviews from its clients, employing the Firm philosophy of providing highly personalized client attention, keeping the message simple (whenever possible) aggressive skilled lawyering, and creative problem solving.   

As Managing Partner of Lowe & Associates since 1991, Mr. Lowe oversees all matters involving entertainment and business with an emphasis on dispute resolution from pursuing cases in court, to resolving cases before they get filed via negotiation and mediation. Areas of focus include intellectual property (copyright and trademark), contracts, defamation/invasion of privacy and cases involving unfair and fraudulent business practices. Mr. Lowe has been selected as a “Super Lawyer” by Thomson Reuters, from 2009 to the present, signifying he is in the top 5% of the lawyers in California. He has also rated “A-V preeminent” by Martindale-Hubbel since 1998; an “A-V rating” signifies the highest competence and ethics in the profession.

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Bruce Isaacs, Esq.


Mediator and Arbitrator Signature Resolution

Bruce Isaacs, Esq. is an accomplished mediator and arbitrator who has settled a wide range of cases including copyright, entertainment, trademark, right of publicity, music, contracts, real estate, insurance, employment matters, and more. Respected by both plaintiffs’ and defense counsel, Mr. Isaacs resolves extremely complex disputes with a combination of excellent problem-solving skills, consistent follow-up, and deep subject-matter expertise.

Mr. Isaacs’s experience as a neutral and a trial lawyer allows him to assist the parties in fully understanding and evaluating the risks associated with their cases. He believes that an essential foundation for a successful mediation is a thorough discussion with the parties regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions. He knows how to keep the parties engaged, when to listen, and when to be direct, but always diplomatic.

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Greg D. Derin
Greg D. Derin


Signature Resolution

Greg David Derin, Esq. brings more than 40 years in the legal industry to his practice at Signature Resolution as a mediator and arbitrator. For more than 20 years, Mr. Derin has successfully assisted parties in resolving more than a thousand complex matters. He is often called upon to resolve disputes after previous attempts have failed. In his role at Signature, he continues to concentrate on matters involving complex business matters, including, contract, fraud, entertainment, intellectual property (copyright, trademark, patent, idea submission), trade secret, right of publicity, unfair business practices, employment, class actions, partnership, real estate, and legal malpractice disputes.

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Irene Lee


Partner at Russ August & Kabat

Irene Lee is a partner at Russ August & Kabat, where she focuses her practice on all aspects of intellectual property, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and right of publicity. Irene helps clients navigate through the issues surrounding creating, acquiring, securing, protecting, defending, enforcing, licensing, and monetizing their rights in various forms of intellectual property worldwide and counsels them on risk management.

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