Bruce Isaacs, Esq.

Mediator and Arbitrator Signature Resolution

Bruce Isaacs, Esq. is an accomplished mediator and arbitrator who has settled a wide range of cases including copyright, entertainment, trademark, right of publicity, music, contracts, real estate, insurance, employment matters, and more. Respected by both plaintiffs’ and defense counsel, Mr. Isaacs resolves extremely complex disputes with a combination of excellent problem-solving skills, consistent follow-up, and deep subject-matter expertise.

Mr. Isaacs’s experience as a neutral and a trial lawyer allows him to assist the parties in fully understanding and evaluating the risks associated with their cases. He believes that an essential foundation for a successful mediation is a thorough discussion with the parties regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their respective positions. He knows how to keep the parties engaged, when to listen, and when to be direct, but always diplomatic.

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