Who Does What Now? Process Mapping for Law Firms 101



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June 22, 2023
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About the Program

When it comes to law practice, most lawyers are excellent at documentation! But when it comes to running their firms, documentation has a habit of falling by the wayside, leaving employees asking, “Who does what now?” Documenting, and visualizing processes is a reliable way to avoid, or at least answer, that question while establishing effective and efficient practice operations.

Process Maps are a particularly powerful tool for visualizing processes for any organization and law firms are no exception. Over the long term, the maps can be used for training and quality assurance but even the process of creating the maps can bring tremendous value. There is nothing quite like shining a light on the details of day-to-day operations to reveal redundancy and gaps.

Let’s dive deeper into how a process map can answer the question “Who does what now?” and then explore the essential tools needed to start creating your own process maps and recapturing lost efficiency.

Meet the Speakers
Who Does What Now? Process Mapping for Law Firms 101
Belle Walker


Founder and Lead Consultant Belleview Consulting

Belle Walker is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Belleview Consulting. The original Organizational Efficiency Engineer, Belle takes clients from Friction to Function™ by aligning structures and processes with strategy.

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