Jonathan Handel

Entertainment/Technology Attorney and Journalist TroyGould and Puck

Jonathan Handel () practices transactional entertainment and technology law at Troy Gould in Los Angeles and independently. He also is a co-founder and was CSO/CLO of WIO, a talent-empowering entertainment tech startup. He is a Contributing Writer for Puck news and was a contributing editor at The Hollywood Reporter from 2010 to 2020. A preeminent expert on Hollywood unions and guilds, Handel is the author of several books, including THE NEW ZEALAND HOBBIT CRISIS, which tells the dramatic story of an attempt to unionize actors on The Hobbit; HOLLYWOOD ON STRIKE!, which chronicles and analyzes the Hollywood writers strike of 2007-2008 and the ensuing Screen Actors Guild stalemate that lasted through mid-2009; ENTERTAINMENT RESIDUALS: A FULL COLOR GUIDE, an encyclopedic guide to residuals; and ENTERTAINMENT UNIONS AND GUILDS: AN INTERDISCIPLINARY BIBLIOGRAPHY, a 345 page annotated bibliography enumerating a century of books, articles and dissertations.

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