The Professionalizing of Athletes at Every Level: What Attorneys Need to Know



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July 8, 2024
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About the Program

This program will provide a comprehensive overview of the professionalization process for athletes at every stage of their careers. Topics will include the legal and ethical considerations in youth sports, the transition from amateur to professional status, and the importance of building a robust support system of advisors. Attendees will gain insights into contract negotiations, NIL opportunities, and compliance with governing regulations.

This program will benefit legal practitioners, parents of aspiring athletes, and even the athletes themselves. Participants will learn what is necessary to navigate the complex landscape of athlete professionalization, ensuring legal compliance, ethical conduct, and successful career development.

Meet the Speakers
Headshot (19)
Alanna Hernandez


Executive Vice President, Business Affairs & Operations, Team Sports Wasserman

It may be hard to find a better example of a Game Changer than Alanna Frisby Hernandez, who
changed her own career path. After graduating from Columbia law school and beginning her career as a commercial litigator in New York City, Frisby Hernandez made a seismic career shift. With no sports experience, the young professional interviewed for a position at Wasserman and dove headfirst into the industry.

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Headshot (18)
Brandon Leopoldus


Attorney for the Biggest Talent in Sports & Entertainment Leopoldus Law

Brandon Leopoldus is a California-based attorney and founder of Leopoldus Law, APC – a specialized law firm dedicated to serving clients in the sports industry. With a focus on providing tailored legal solutions and strategies, Mr. Leopoldus is committed to helping his clients navigate the complexities of their off-field and off-screen needs. His extensive experience includes representing professional sports franchises, unions, Olympians, athletes, sports officials, musicians, and entertainers across various fields. From setting up and protecting loan-out corporations to offering complex solutions for high-profile individuals, Mr. Leopoldus ensures his clients have access to top-notch legal expertise.

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jeff monahan
Jeff Monahan


Jeff Monahan Law

Experienced attorney with a demonstrated history of growing businesses. Skilled in law practice, sales, customer relationships, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), R, and Python. Strong business development professional and avid hockey fan with a passion for analytics.

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