Entertainment Law Section

The largest entertainment law section in the nation, it addresses issues pertinent to film, television, and music law.

Section Leaders

Greg Zbylut

Senior Chair

John R. Baldivia

Vice Chair

Executive Committee

Andrew Adler
John Baldivia
Randi Bandman
Matt Blackett
Nicole DeSanctis
Judith Dornstein
Lauren Gabbaian
Matt Giovannucci
Matthew Hurewitz
Azita Iskandar
Cassandra Johnson
Neville Johnson
William Kay
Dana Kempler
Grazyna Kolondra
Leigh Leshner
Joseph Lewczak
Marian Miller
Jeff Monahan
Christine Lynn O’Connor
Dhara Patel
Dinah Perez
Debbie Perry
David Albert Pierce
Pierre Pine
Susan Rabin
Barbara Rubin
Zev Shechtman
Greg Sills
Danny Simon
Jay Spillane
Mary Trier
Larry Verbit
Greg Zbylut

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