Barristers (Young Attorneys)

If you are a new attorney, a law student or awaiting bar results, BHBA’s Barristers is the place for you. There are tons of resources and benefits to help young lawyers navigate the early years of a career, opportunities to network and resources to grow your skill set.


Jasmine Gomez


Rume Diamreyan

BHBA law student and lawyer members who are 36 years old or under, or who have been licensed for eight or fewer years, are automatically Barristers and welcome to participate in Barrister activities.

Entering the legal profession during these times offers a unique opportunity for growth and learning, and having a supportive mentor can significantly enhance the transition from law school to practice, especially during the initial years. Learn more about the program here.

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Executive Committee

Max Goossen

Natalia Momtsios
Community Outreach Chair

Annabel Przybylski
Health & Wellness Co-Chair

Aimee Zeltzer
Health & Wellness Co-Chair

Daniel Shoumer
Health & Wellness Co-Chair

Michelle Omidi
Networking Chair

Breana Rucker
Diversity & Inclusion/Membership Chair

Samantha Aceves
Professional Development Chair

Mireya Valle
Law School Representative

Sarah Morris
Law School Representative

Mehrin Saleem
Law School Representative

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