Elizabeth Rothman

Law Office of Elizabeth Rothman

Elizabeth is an advisor, attorney, and author located in Los Angeles, California. In addition to her law practice, she currently serves as an emerging technology advisor with The Cantellus Group, an attorney and researcher with The Artificial Inventor Project, and as a policy advisor in blockchain/web3 for the XR Safety Initiative. 

With over 10 years of legal practice experience, her law office has served clients since 2015 in contracts, health law, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory compliance, negotiation of restrictive covenants, estate planning, asset protection through trust formation, civil litigation, and non-profit.

 Her interest in blockchain began in 2017 with cryptocurrency and has evolved into a passion for advising and investing in the web3 space. In 2020, she completed certifications as a Blockchain Solutions Architect and Entry-Level Python Coder. I

n 2022, she completed a certificate program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Artificial Intelligence: Implications on Business Strategy. As a curator of digital art, including AI art, at galleries and in virtual spaces she has taken a particular interest in the fate of works generated by AI under United States copyright law.

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