Avoid the risks of a cyber attack, regardless of your IT budget



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August 22, 2022
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About the Program

How do you know FOR SURE that your law firm hasn’t already been the subject of a cyber event? And, if you *HAVE* been a victim, what’s your next move? How do you secure your data? What if your client data has been hit? And, what’s your remediation plan? If you are a law firm that doesn’t know if you have a documented cybersecurity plan, then this webinar is for you.

Meet the Speakers
James Waryck 


CEO at Strategic Technology Solutions

James Waryck discovered his passion for technology after randomly taking a course in college. By the time the class ended, he was hooked and quickly declared his major in information systems. Post college, he helped many businesses accomplish more by leveraging technology. His experiences lead him to help found Strategic Technology Solutions where he can pursue his zeal for all things IT even further. In his current role, he focuses on leadership, researching the latest technologies, trends in the industry, and best practices to advise, plan, design, and implement strategic IT solutions for STS customers. His responsibilities coincide with everything he loves about working in tech – the ability to continuously learn and evolve. One of his favorite things about his work is the enthusiasm that his team brings to their jobs and to serving the client. Off the clock, James loves exploring his proclivity for Japanese food. His favorite is ordering Omakase style, which means the chef decides. Though he loves to travel, he enjoys returning to his small, childhood town in Massachusetts for the simple fact that it keeps him close to his roots and core values. However, if he could go anywhere, it’d be Japan so that he can experience the incredible cuisine in person.

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