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The Beverly Hills Bar Association Approved Mediator Panel Program provides mediators for a broad array
of substantive legal matters. The basic component parts of the Approved Mediator Panel are as follows.
Disputes in which the amount in controversy is $25,000 or less:

  • Two free hours of mediator services
  • After the first two hours of mediation, the mediator will begin to charge a per hour fee not to exceed $400
  • The parties to the mediation will share the costs of the mediator equally
  • Each side to the mediation will pay an administrative fee of $100 to BHBA
  • Upon receipt of the funds from the parties the BHBA, in consideration of its services, will deduct 10%
    of the total fees (net of credit card expenses) received and pay the balance to the respective

Disputes in which the amount in controversy is more than $25,000:

  • No free hours of mediator services
  • The mediator will charge a per hour fee not to exceed $400
  • Each side to the mediation will pay an administrative fee of $100 to BHBA
  • Upon receipt of the funds from the parties the BHBA, in consideration of its services, will deduct 10%
    of the total fees (net of credit card expenses) received and pay the balance to the respective
  • The BHBA looks forward to serving your mediation needs and those of your clients and contacts.
    For more information or to schedule a mediation, contact amp@bhba.org

Enjoy nearly 200 first-rate continuing legal education programs, seminars and events each year. We create and plan them to be a cut above, with outstanding speakers addressing timely and relevant topics in every practice area. Our Live and On Demand program offerings make it possible to meet your requirements at anytime from anywhere.

For Attorneys

The BHBA Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) matches clients with attorneys for 30-minute
consultations. Following each consultation, many clients choose to retain the attorney (though they are
not obligated to do so). The nature and extent of any additional services and fees are negotiated between
the attorney and the client. If the attorney is retained, they will then remit a 20% referral fee to the Lawyer
Referral Service, based on all attorney fees collected for all services rendered.
The BHBA Lawyer Referral Service gives attorneys an opportunity to build their practice while providing
individuals and businesses with qualified and experienced legal advice.

For Clients

If you have a legal problem, the Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service
(LRIS) can help. The LRIS is a private, nonprofit service dedicated to providing the public with affordable
access to justice and the legal system. For a low consultation fee, our trained staff will connect you with
an experienced lawyer best suited to fit your legal needs, from our panel of 100 consulting attorneys
representing over 35 different areas of law.

For more information, contact lawyerreferral@bhba.org

Find the Right Attorney Today!

Participate in numerous professional and leadership growth opportunities through continuing legal education programs, seminars and social events each year. Meet colleagues, expand your practice and hone your leadership skills through programs specifically designed with your best practice interests in mind.

Looking to learn e-filing and enhance your secretarial efficiency?

Join the Beverly Hills Bar Association for a 10-session training course overseen by a 25-year veteran
legal secretary, Angela Lazzara. These courses are designed for secretaries who may be new to the legal
environment and need to develop specific skills inherent to the law office.

What can you expect to learn?

Our classes provide in depth emphasis on legal terminology, court structure, and legal procedure and
include the following topics – The Legal Secretary, Civil Litigation, Secretarial Litigation, Corporate, Family

The Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Personnel Referral Service will award a certificate to students who
have met our attendance (80%) and scholarship standards.

The cost of the 10-class course is $595. This all-inclusive price covers the Law Office Procedures
Manual, various hand-outs, materials, and your Beverly Hills Bar Association completion certificate!

Sign up to receive more information about an upcoming course here.

The BHBA’s California State Bar approved MANDATORY FEE ARBITRATION PROGRAM handles fee and cost disputes between lawyers and their clients, including claims of return of non-earned prepaid fees.

The Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program is conducted under the auspices of the State Bar. It is governed by Business and Professions Code Sections 6200-6206 (and not CCP Section 1289 et seq.) and is open to any client or attorney, within Los Angeles County, seeking to settle a fee dispute through either mediation or arbitration.

The Beverly Hills Bar Fee Arbitration Program can accept any Attorney-Client fee dispute if a substantial portion of the services were performed in Los Angeles County. It is not necessary for the attorney to be a member of the Beverly Hills Bar Association in order to participate in the Fee Arbitration Program. Attorneys or clients from other counties can file In Los Angeles County only if a substantial portion (at least fifty percent) of the case took place in the County, by virtue of the client’s location or the attorney’s office.

The BHBA program has qualified arbitrators with expertise in all areas of practice and makes every effort to assign appropriate arbitrators to respective hearings. While most hearings average three to four hours, complex litigation has been known to continue for up to three days. Should the hearing exceed four hours, the BHBA Rules of Procedure provide for payment to the arbitrators by parties to the arbitration.

The program consists of both mediation and arbitration. The filing fee includes four hours of free mediation by a trained mediator, should both parties agree to this; if the mediation goes beyond this time period, the mediator is allowed to charge their hourly rate. Many times a dispute can be settled in mediation; however, arbitration will be scheduled should this not occur.

Fee disputes under $15,000 are heard by one arbitrator while disputes over $15,000 are heard by a panel of three arbitrators – two attorney members and one non-attorney. If both parties agree, cases over $15,000 may be heard by one arbitrator. 

Arbitrators are selected from a panel of experienced attorneys and non-attorneys who volunteer their time to help resolve fee disputes. 

Certain requirements and restrictions apply to the actual filing of a case with the BHBA program.

Requirement: Before an attorney can sue a client for fees, the Business and Professions code requires that the attorney advise the client of his/ her right to fee arbitration. This is done through use of the State Bar Approved Form, Rev. March, 2013 Notice of Client’s Right to Arbitrate. The use of this form is mandatory. Incorporation of the same or similar language contained in the form on independent stationary or in the body of a letter from the attorney to the client is NOT legally accepted as a substitute.

Restrictions: Under California law, the attorney cannot initiate the arbitration or compel the client to participate under the process. The only way an attorney can compel a client to arbitrate a fee dispute is if there is a provision (clause) in the fee agreement/retainer, to which all parties agree, that any fee disputes will be submitted to arbitration under Business and Professions Code Sections 6200 through 6206. However, this clause cannot indicate that the arbitration will be binding. Also, parties cannot agree that they will mediate a fee dispute, prior to the dispute over legal fees; the client and attorney can agree to mediation and/or binding arbitration only after the dispute arises.

What Forms Do I Need to Begin?

  • Form B – Notice of Client’s Right to Arbitration

For more information about Fee Arbitration matters, please contact Elaine Glass, Fee Arbitration Administrator at (310) 601-2442 or feearb@bhba.org.

The Beverly Hills Bar Association’s state-of-the-art center has a conference and meeting rooms available for use by members and non-members. Our convenient, flexible space is specifically designed to accommodate meetings, conferences, seminars and other educational events.

Special rates for BHBA Members

The BHBA center comes fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at affordable rates – far lower than those of nearby hotels and rental spaces. The space is ideal for:

  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations and mediations
  • Conferences, seminars and other educational events
  • Client, witness and recruitment interviews
  • Association and board meetings
  • Group meetings

State-of-the-Art Equipment

The BHBA center comes fully equipped with:

  • Newly installed audio-visual equipment
  • Audio-video conferencing, recording and webcasting
  • Secure, high speed Wi-Fi
  • High definition projectors
  • Wireless microphones
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff, plus on-site technical support
  • Additional rental equipment is available as needed

Confidentiality, Convenience and Catering

These new rooms offer privacy, convenient parking, and the opportunity to meet on neutral ground in elegant yet understated, contemporary surroundings. Rooms can be configured as needed:

  • Workshop/Classroom
  • Theater/Lecture
  • U-shape
  • Hollow-square setup
  • Boardroom

Full catering is also available with menus and rates to suit all tastes and budgets.

Ask us about a FREE MONTH of rent

Private offices with 24/7 access

Staffed reception, mail handling and call answering

Business-grade internet, WiFi and office phone

Access to a printer, scanner and photocopier

Monthly conference room allowance

Communal kitchen with tea and coffee included

All utility costs included

Schedule a Tour Today – (310) 601-2422 or membership@bhba.org

The Beverly Hills Bar Association’s Personnel Referral Service, Inc. has worked exclusively in the legal field since our inception in 1980. We understand the special training and skills the field demands.

We pre-screen place legal secretaries, paralegals, receptionists, and general office staff for almost every type of law firm practice in the Los Angeles area.

Clients who utilize the BHBA Personnel Referral Service pay lower rates and no agency fees, and report higher satisfaction rates with our support staff, compared with traditional employment agencies.

Why Choose PRS

Anyone who has tried to hire temporary or permanent legal staff knows the difficulty of sorting through applications – and evaluating the vast diversity of skill sets among applicants. It is time-consuming, complex and inexact. Using an online service only multiplies these headaches.

The Personnel Referral Services takes that burden off you. We screen and analyze resumes, conduct skill tests, and check references. In-depth background check services are also available. Our extensive pre-screening and testing process ensures that any candidate we send to you is thoroughly qualified for the position you need to fill.

We screen, interview, and test to save you time.

Available Staff

We can quickly fill same-day assignments to help with unexpected absences and overflow work, or fill future requests for temporary and permanent positions including: 

Legal Secretaries (Litigation & Transactional)


Law Office Receptionists

Administrative Assistants

General Office Clerks, File Clerks

Contact Dani Barr at prs@bhba.org or 310-601-2430 for more information

As part of its mission to advocate for justice in the community, the Beverly Hills Bar Association takes a proactive role in educating the public about the legal system through its many community outreach programs.

Roxbury Park Legal Clinic – free monthly legal clinics for the public held at the Roxbury Park Community Center.

Modest Means Legal Assistance – Refers qualified persons to its panel of member attorneys.

Homeless Shelter Project – Once a month, the Barristers donate their time to purchasing, preparing and feeding the homeless at the Santa Monica Homeless Shelter. 

Contact probono@bhba.org to receive more information.

More information coming soon.

The Network is an exclusive networking group created by the Beverly Hills Bar Association to promote direct networking and client referrals between BHBA members. The Network meets monthly and emphasizes client acquisition and business development between attorneys in different practice areas, in firms of various sizes.

The Lunch group meets on the 3rd Monday of the Month, 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm. The Lunch group is chaired by Dmitry Gorin (dg@egattorneys.com), Jeffrey Wolf (JWolf@hwllplaw.com) and Pierre Pine (ppine@mcpherson-llp.com).

Contact membership@bhba.org to receive more information.